Thursday, May 19, 2011

Not so Lovely Thursday...

What a night I had last night...or should I say morning.

Around 2 I got up and ran to the toilet where I started throwing up what seemed like every couple hours.

From then on till about 11 this morning...throwing up and "other stuff" starting happening.

As of right now, I am feeling a lot better {and nope, not pregnant}...

but as of today I have determined that this stuff is known as miracle medicine in my book.

I thought it might be best if I stayed home today...I'm sure no one would want this mess.

So my day has consisted of staying on the couch watching Netflix and Saved by the Bell reruns with these little fur babies....

I mentioned yesterday in my last post that we found straw all in our grill on the back deck. A few people came up with a theory that maybe it's birds building a nest.

We aren't ruling that out, but it does seem a bit odd for a bird to spread it out so neatly...and so deep in to the grill.

What a nest!

Until then, the hubs and I {and a few neighbors} are keeping an eye out for anything strange going on
around our house.

We do have a visitor hanging out in our back yard.

This little turtle doesn't know this, but as soon as my hubs gets home....he will be promptly removed from his cozy little bed he's made in our monkey grass.

For the time being...Buck and Kaci will be driving me crazy with their barking.


Megan said...

That sucks that you aren't feeling well. Hope you get better! You saying "other stuff" reminded me of How I Met Your Mother the other night if you watch that. Haha! Feel better soon!

Amber said...

That is not a birds nest!!!!! Not unless it's a freaking bald eagle! David agrees, it looks like it was deliberately placed. Y'all be careful please! Hope your feeling better! :)

Megan said...

I really hope you get to feeling better ASAP! Ugh, I hate vomiting. I had something similar for about 15 hours(overnight and most the morning/early afternoon)a few weeks ago and it was terrible.

Sending lots of feel good thoughts your way!

Heather said...

Straw in your grill?? That's weird.
Keep the gas turned off on the bottom at least.
P.S. I love Saved By the Bell!
Feel better soon!

mama marchand said...

Forget my comment on the other post about "news." ;)