Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Randoms

  • For some reason, I feel like I hardly posted this past week.
I guess when you get used to posting everyday {if not more than once},
when you skip a day or two...
it seems odd.

  • Today my love and I are going to attempt to find
 some new Spring-Summer clothes.
I know he won't have a problem finding some,
but I on the other's not that easy.

  • I made myself a glass of Cucumber water yesterday.
What's that you might ask.
It's a glass of water with slices of cucumber in it.
The taste is delicious, and so refreshing.
My hubs even enjoyed it.

  • I had to give both Buck and Kaci {2} Bynadryls last night.
Their allergies are horrible during this time of year.
When they are in the grass...
apparently the grass irritates their paws, 
so they chew and chew at them.

  • I bought myself my first ever Strawberry plant last night.
I'm more of a shrub/flower girl.
We'll see how it turns out.

Please say a little prayer for me.

  • My hubs loves watching UFC.
We either order it on Paper view, or find a
a place that shows it for free.
Usually the two places are Buffalo Wild Wings
or Hooters.
However, last night...our couple friend's ordered
it at their house, so we got the chance to hang out with them
and watch it.
Us wives ended up going flower

  • One more week till my vacation!
It seriously cannot get here fast enough. we come!

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Kim said...

Uh! Our vaca is next week too and were seriously tempted to go to Orlando- but I think we are headed to the mountains!