Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Picture Overload

Here is just a little portion of all the pictures I took while on vacation in Florida.

1} Andy's Igloo: My dad would take my mom there when they were dating
for ice cream cones. As you can imagine, it's been there for forever.

2}The Big Orange: I honestly don't know what that place is, but I know it's been
there for a very long time. It was there when I lived there which was over 20+ years.

3} The Winter Haven Community Center: That same exact pool I took swimming
lessons at. Still looks the same exact way.

4} Brigham Elementary: The school I went to. It's now a private school.
 I remember having my picture taken with my brother on the sidewalk at one
time or another. 

Maybe when I get the time or when I'm in the mood to post some more pictures
of the trip, I will...

until then...I gotta get ready for work!

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Anonymous said...

I am not sure if they told you or not...But... the orange dome and that winter haven complex are supposed to be torn down.:( So they can make room for hotels because of Legoland opening in the fall.