Thursday, May 5, 2011

Not Feeling Cute...

....can be kind of hard when shopping.

Tonight the hubs and I went to Dicks and to Old Navy.

My love got 2 golf shirts from Dicks, and a pair of jeans from Old Navy.

He of course asked if I saw anything I wanted, and my immediate response was, 
"'s just not as fun anymore when you've gained some weight."

I get so tired of thinking about weight and health.

I wish everything wasn't so consumed with those two words.

And the sad part is, is after dropping a good amount of cash at the salon this evening,
I still gathered those not so lovely feelings and insecurities in the clothing section 

It can get draining.

Speaking of getting my hair done...
I was needing some tender love and care in a very bad way.

I mean a very bad way.

No makeup, pretty much in the buff facial wise, and I look horrid.

I know I look like I'm doubting my new look, 
but I seriously love my hair dresser.

She's incredible, and she never lets me down.

I'm sitting in the office here at home, 
and I'm feeling overwhelmed by the stack of papers 
that need to go get shredded.

Major junk mail.

And while on lunch today I noticed this happening....

My very first Strawberries!! 

And then there was this...

So glad she was comfy.


Anonymous said...

Liz, I love your hair! It looks so good...

Mrs. Mama said...

You hair looks fabulous! And you my dear are BEAUTIFUL!

Sarah said...

I feel your consumes me too!

Aimee G said...

Oh LIZ! I really like your blog. You re so unique and endearing!
I feel your pain concerning the unrelenting goal to be perfect.
If you could see yourself the way everyone else certainly would not worry about striving to be a size 2. You are too young and pretty to spend all of your young life trying to be different than you are. Whats the point? Its exhausting!
I have recently realized, after an entire life time of wishing I had someone elses thighs....That I DONT! I never have...I never will. So, what is it that makes me constantly be so aware of my chunky thighs?? Because I am very rarely in a bikini situation to where my thighs would be on display for everyone to help me critque! LOL. Thank Goodness!

I had a an idea...and tested it. It seems to be working. There was one main place where I would continually see all these woman who where physically everything I was not! They were having the time of there lives in there bikins or in the nice cars & homes & with there super hansome boy friends....MAGAZINES!! YES, GIRL. I love my gossip...and my Hollywood Starlets! And I had stacks & stacks of Peoples, Stars & such.

I figured if I wasn't always unknowingly touturing myself with this CRAP that had absolutly no relavance to my life...maybe I would not feel so inept (and not just physically but socially AND ecnomically!)

I have not bought a mag in a few months and I do actually feel a little better about Aimee. And I dont know if its becasue I dont feel like my goal is TOO BIG or what.....but I am also getting more excercise & eating better and have actually dropped some weight. But, I am not real worried about it.

We gotta love us the way we are now....if not we will look back and think "Man, I didn't know how good I had it"

Oh, and your hair is to die!

mama marchand said...

You do NOT look horrid ... but, I understand what you mean. With my weight gain because of N, I'm feeling frumpy most of the time. Shopping isn't fun for me either. We BOTH need to get over it and realize we're beautiful!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair. :)

Paige said...

I wish I would of seen this post sooner, but I can still comment =)
I absolutely love your hair and agree that getting your hair did can make you feel SOO much better. But lets be honest, you my girl are adorable. I understand how you feel about how looking for clothes is no fun. I experience this every day, but the point is as long as we are confident and feel beautiful in our own skin then that we are. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and splurge on something sexy for that hubby of yours ;)