Monday, May 30, 2011

Loving on some Target!

Since my hubs locked me out of our bathroom...
I thought I would do a quick post before leaving the house
for our Memorial Day festivities.

Yesterday I made a trip to Target for a shower curtain and to
look for a chair that my hub's wanted.
Found the shower curtain but not a chair.

While there...I realized just how much I love Target.
And through the realization of my love..
I started snapping away pictures for documentation.
{okay, that sounds....weird?}

I loveeee these pencils...
The prints on them?
You can tell I am an bloggaholic because the
package design so reminded me of a template design.

We're always, always, always needing pins to close things with
around the house...

 {Psss...those two above were in the dollar bin!!}

Love these, but I hate they didn't have my size.

I love this print...I would hang it in a bedroom
or even in a bathroom

Love these colors on these place mats.
I'm thinking the gray and yellow is my favorite.

And these coffee cups?
So lovely.
Except we aren't faithful coffee drinkers.

Do you love Target as much as me??!


Anonymous said...

Yes, Yes I do- thanks for asking :)
I went yesterday and bought some baby clothes to send my cousin and they were all marked down to $1 a piece.

FYI- if I ever buy baby clothes for anyone- I only buy clearance.

mama marchand said...

Um, we should totally be BFFs. I go to Target for groceries, clothes, Starbucks (there's one in ours), and therapy. :) I love Target A LOT.

P.S. Yours looks like it has a MUCH better selection than ours. I'm jealous. ;)

Megan said...

yes, yes, as a matter of fact, I DO love target!! And I take pics of things I find there too :)

mama marchand said...

... and I stopped back by to tell you to read my post from today. ;)

Katie said...

I'm a new follower!!

I also love Target!!

Jessica Renee said...

You should totally check out the Target link up today over at - super fun!

I could spend hours at target...and way too much $$ of course! You found some really cute stuff!

Mrs. Parker said...

I'm a total Target fiend! In fact - I have to make a stop there on my lunch to snap up a few things! :)
New follower :)