Friday, April 8, 2011



My heart feels heavy tonight.

My sister didn't know what I meant when I texted that to her.

She thought it had something to do with joke. (oh the love I have for my sister.)

I have a person in my life, who will remain anonymous, who I feel causes me more stress than happiness.

I wish that I could make the slate clean, and go my separate way, but of course that is out of the question considering who it is.

I can't count the number of times that disagreements have come in to play between my hubs and I because of this person, and I know that it's because I allow this person to control my feelings.

This person is manipulative, and controlling.

They know what they do when they're doing it...but in that moment's time you don't realize it's being done till after the everything seems honky dorey in the present time.

I'm not here to throw a pity party...nor sugar coat every single situation in my life in to something it's not.

I have already said to my husband that if this person causes me stress during my pregnancy (whenever that will be), that that will be the end to the relationship we have.

I want things to be different, but I'm guessing when one is forced to like the other...sometimes it just aint possible.


the workaholic momma said...

Awww - I'm sorry you are having a tough day. I hope your weekend gets better and remember - "Don't cry over someone who wouldn't cry over you."

Sarah said...

Why are you waiting for a terminated pregnancy to end this relationship?! Whoever this person is, if the relationship is causing more hard then good, its not healthy. Have you told this person that they make you feel this way?

Amber said...

I'm sorry. I know what your saying though, sometimes regardless of how unhealthy the relationship is, you can't just walk away. Especially if it's family. I think the best thing to remember is what Mike said, your the one letting them control your feelings, so work on that first (I know easier said than done). I have people in my life that do the same thing, I know what their about and their ways, so I try my hardest to not let their actions get to me and ignore them and I have to tell myself that's what their all about. I hope it gets better! Don't let it ruining your weekend. Love you! : )