Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

Even though there's not a link up with Katie...
I'm still gonna go ahead and do the usual
{I'm such a creature of habit}

Saturday Morning Scene

I had such a fun day today!

With a few garage sales, and a few pit stops 
{at Lowe's and Wal Mart},
the majority of it was spent at a Dog Park
that is in town.

On nice days, there is usually a decent amount
of dogs that come out to play.

Buck seemed to have a great time running
around like a mad man dog.

 I can't remember this little guy's name but he was so
full of life!
At one point he decided to take a little mud bath...

 And sweet Lily cooling down in the dirt...

My sweet Buck...

Maybe, just next few posts will be other
than the subject of Kaci and/or Buck dogs...

1 comment:

Victoria Leonard said...

Is that the dog park in MJ? We go there all the time!!!! Jazmine loves it. Maybe we will see you one day.