Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lucky Finds

Yesterday I made a run to Goodwill on my lunch.

In my was like finding a diamond ring....

okay, maybe not like a diamond ring, but pretty darn close.

I left with 6 things...all of it totaling under 20 bucks.

Here's this corner shelf I got for our kitchen....

{ignore the empty photo frame}
 And this cute canister I had been eying for a while, I finally bought. 
I figured it was worth it if I kept coming back to it, and it was still there.

And then these....oh how I love them!

A set of 4 glasses with these adorable little starfish on them...

Love, love, love my Goodwill! :)


Tami said...

You got some really cute stuff! I usually love Goodwill but the one where we live never has anything good! :(

tricia said...

Awesome finds! I love the new blog look, too. :)

Alely said...

i heart goodwill!