Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Love / Don't Love

:: Love :: 
I'm about to show you a glimpse of that crazy dog momma
I've got in me. (Forget a glimpse, 
I reveal it all through this little blog of mine).  
Kaci has this thing she does with her tongue. 
The hubs and I crack up every time we catch her doing it...and it's usually when she's tired.

:: Don't Love :: 
 I'm currently freezing...and this may sound so, so weird...
but I just shaved my freakin' legs.

:: Love ::  
I am addicted to this stuff. 
It's a Nail and Cuticle Oil made with Vitamin E from Sally Hansen
This stuff does wonders considering my cuticles get so dry 
which of course leads to me picking at them.  
Bad habit I've got, but seriously, this does the trick!

:: Don't Love :: 
When customers decide they want to bring boo koo's of wrapped change (i.e. pennies) through the drive thru. FYI: Too much rolled coin can cause the drawer to break from the weight.

:: Love :: 
My hair is finally growing. Okay...I'm not a fan of having my picture being taken considering how pudgy my face looks now (UGH), but I decided to post this picture just so I can refer back to it when I get the bright idea to go chop my hair off. {{ then whine and complain because I can't do anything with it...happens every time}}

:: Love ::  
One of my best friends gave me this cute key chain...
and every time I look at I remember what a great friendship we have.  
So thankful for you, Denise!!

:: Don't Love :: 
 Spammers. People, get a life. 
I think I have declined 5 or 6 Spam comments just today. It's so annoying.

:: Love :: 
These beautiful flowers we have in front of my work. 
They are gorgeous!!

What do you love and don't love today??


Kelsey Claire said...

Cute key chain and I love your hair!

a lovely mess. said...

love: your blog and how cute you are and how excited I am to see you at the reunion!

♥Miss Brittney♥ said...

I love your doggie...she's soooo fluffy!!!!! lol. And your pic of the rolled coin literally made me laugh so hard! I HATE HATE HATE when customers bring in rolled coin! Especially through the drive thru!! I wish our drawer would break though, we have three lanes in our dive thru and the first one is the window. For some reason customers LOOOOOVVVEEE to use that lane instead of using the tubes. It blows my mind! They will literally wait behind two cars in that lane instead of using one of the other 4 tubes...I don't understand it! Maybe if I put a ton of quarters in there it will break on accident! ;) hehe

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful for you too Liz. I love you and Mike. And the puppies...
Denise Ols

Raven said...

So you work at a bank? And people really bring rolled up change in the drive-thru? HA!! LOVE your hair! I am in the process of growing mine SUPA long, like to my knees just kidding. But pretty long :)

kebowman said...

oh my goodness! you are too cute!!! LOVE YOUR BLOG!!
your puppy is a cutie too! :)

come see me!! :)

Amy said...

I can tell you that I LOVE your hair long! And that I don't love you calling yourself "puggy" bc I think you look beautiful :)

Stacy said...

I'm the same way about my hair! I cut it short, I love it for a week, then grow it out. Once it gets pretty long I get annoyed with it and chop it all off then regret it. It's a vicious cycle. haha