Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Little Secret it's nothing juicy....but I do find it pretty awesome.

So awesome that I wanna share!

I have become completely obsessed with the app market on my droid.

I love this phone...

I know the craziness has gone wild over the new iPhone...but I still think mine is just as snazzy.


Some of my friends in real life and even on here has commented on my pictures, and how beautiful they look.

Y''s taken from my cell phone.

I hate to say this, but I haven't picked up my normal camera is months.

And I hate that because I begged my hubby for one.

What I have been using is the app called FxCamera.

What's even better is it's charge at all...and it comes with several different kinds of "cameras" within
this one app.

So with that being said...go hook yourself up, and have fun!


Lyryn said...

My hubby just got that phone and he likes it. He would tell you that he likes the Iphone better, but that's only because he had that FOR so much longer. He is still getting use to it. But he does like a lot of the things it can do that the IPhone could not.

Happiness Is... said...

Do you have the HTC Android? Totally want a good picture app!