Friday, April 1, 2011

In Love with 31

Remember a few posts ago,
when I said something was in the works,
but would have to wait to find out on April 1st
what is was??
(If not, read here)


I'm in love...

I'm in love with the products and I'm in love with the patterns....

I'm sure you have heard of the company's popping up everywhere...all over the place!

Starting today, I am hosting a catalog party through my blog and inviting you to take a look!

My dear friend, Heather is a Thirty-One consultant...and will be happy to provide you with the gift for that special birthday..or for that wonderful momma on Mother's Day!

And just to give you an idea on these adorable things...

All in One Organizer-

Essentials Zip Wallet

Toddler Back Pack

Market Thermal Tote

Pop Crossbody

That is only a small portion of what Thirty-One offers!!

OH....and for every $31 you spend....

you can get the All in One Organizer
for 1/2 off!
(orders submitted April 1-15 only)

And that's still not it!
When you place an order...
your name is automatically placed in a drawing
for a free personalized thermal tote!!
Interested in ordering, hosting a party, or have questions..


Heather Gunn said...

You all will love these products!!
Want to place and order!! Simply click on the web address and go to "MY EVENTS" then click "SHOP NOW" Next to Elizabeth's name. ALSO, a special ONLY offered on Liz's Blog Party: Every person that places an order will be entered to WIN a PERSONALIZED THERMAL TOTE of your choice! Don't wait - SHOP NOW!!

Heather said...

I love 31 too! I once got a 31 backpack at a yard sale for ONE DOLLAR!! What the heck?!