Sunday, April 17, 2011

Getting to Know You


1. what's something you've eaten and liked, but didn't think you would?
Layered salad. I hate peas...but of course in the salad,
that's the majority of it. Guess everything else in there
makes it better!

2. plastic surgery..yay or nay?
Each to their own....I know I'd like to remove
some of my tata's as soon as we're done
with babies!

3. 2 things you love about spring are.....?
warm sunshine...and the beautiful flowers

4. when's the last time you went on a picnic?
Not one lately. That may have to be a weekend
must do with my love sometime soon!

5. what's your favorite app?
FxCamera on my Droid.

6. who does the grocery shopping in your house?
I do...but my hubs is starting to attend more so lately.
I haven't fully decided if I like that or not. ; )

7. would you rather take a spin class or zumba?
I would love to take a Zumba class...but haven't yet.

8. how often do you go out to dinner?
Way too much it seems...but I will say very rarely 
during the week. However, either Friday or Saturday night we 
tend to grab dinner, and sometimes on Sunday morning we'll wake up
and eat breakfast somewhere.


Rebekah said...

I refuse to let my husband grocery shop with me. He would be too annoying and I know he wouldn't shop off the list!

Kim said...

When my hubs goes grocery shopping with me we spend about $40 more and have no sides or ideas on what to really do with all he meat he buys!

Amber said...

I'm really craving layered salad right now! I haven't thought about that in ages!! You're right---a lot of odd ingredients but somehow they work out together :)

Thanks for stopping by! Now your newest follower! Love your blog :)