Friday, April 22, 2011


What a day.

I'm frustrated right now.

I'm frustrated because we goofed up. Apparently, I hate goofing up, because when I realize we goof up, that's all I think about, and it gets to me.

I know I shouldn't because we're only human, but I still do.

When I begged my hubs for a puppy, I thought I had everything planned out.

I thought I knew the basics, and the parts of training a pet that I wanted to bend, well that would be okay...because our pet would be totally fine and obedient, no worries.

I instantly fell in love with our Kaci. I practically treated her like our baby {and I still do...remember, I'm that crazy dog lady}.

She went everywhere we did...everywhere I did for that matter, even to work with me everyday, which in that aspect, my boss was a Saint for allowing that.

I thought getting her socially adapted would override everything else...such as not crating her, allowing her on the furniture...allowing her to sleep with the hubs and I every night.

But I was wrong...we were wrong.

Because of that, our furniture looks worn {it's only 2.5 years old}...I'm constantly having to wash our sheets because of the shedding...and seriously as I kind of grosses me out all that dog hair, and it's all been because of  the love we have for a pet.

Then one bright, sunny day...while browsing breeders online...I find an adorable male puppy of the same kind as Kaci.....a 7 week old American Eskie.

Not even thinking that my hubs would be interested, we decide to check out this adorable guy {and his siblings} which in turn ends in an addition to our family of 3.

It's not that I regret having our two fur babies....I don't at all.

I regret in the fact that we didn't do what we should have in preparing ourselves for the outcome.

If I would have known we would have had two pets, we probably would have leaned more to getting "gently used" furniture...rather than brand new. We would have looked into having outside dogs rather than permanent inside dogs, and so much more.

Right now, we have the issue of our "pretty much still new living room furniture" being ruined because of the choices we made in training our dogs.

We have several options:

  • Start crate training them, but I know that would be a pain considering how old Kaci is already {almost two, and Buck is almost one} but I do think it's worth it.
  • Buy new seat cushions from Rooms to Go {where we got the furniture} which is 50 bucks a pop...and needing five of them, well doing the math...that's 250 bucks not counting tax.
  • Find a slip cover which will be pretty pricey considering the sizes of this furniture...they're pretty big.
  • Or check Craigslist and sites like that for a used set of couches.

Those are the options that I have thought up.

Either way, we have to think about what will end the chewing that these two puppies Buck tends to do....

because we're getting really tired of dishing out the dollars.

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Kim said...

Our babies are the same way!! We were so used to when we rescued the older one, she was already trained, house broken, perfect-- but I just HAD to have a puppy- and she's flippin' retarded!