Monday, March 7, 2011

Tagged ya!

Jaime tagged me today for fun, quick survey!

At the very bottom are some of the lovely bloggers I tagged! 

1. What's the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you??
Crazy, but my mind comes to a blank. I think just some of the stupid stuff I have said. When you tell a joke, and only you think it's funny...that can be kind of embarrassing.

2. Favorite holiday and why??
I love the Fourth of July. The whole atmosphere of family, friends, and food gathered around (usually by a pool) having so much fun

3. What's the weirdest thing you think you eat??
My hubs thinks it's weird that I love fake bacon or fake burgers (aka veggie bacon, veggie burgers) I don't think it's weird though...they're delish!

4. Favorite brand of makeup??
I love Avon Mineral makeup! Great coverage, and not expensive!

5. What color of crayon would you be and why??
I would say white. White goes with everything, and kind of how I would say about myself...I try to get along with everybody no matter who it is.
6. Favorite hobby??
I have just recently started back at my artwork...but I do love blogging...surprise??

7. Biggest fear??
Losing another loved one. Anyone that I am close to would be hard, but I can't even think about the thought of not having my husband here with me. That makes me all messy eyed.

8. Best present you have ever received??
 When my hubby asked me to be his wife....the beautiful proposal he gave, along with the ring...(sighhhhhh)

Now I'm tagging....
whoever wants to do it!! :) Have fun!!!

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