Saturday, March 26, 2011


1. Too soon? Sorry friends about my couple of posts ago I gave about April 1st. I probably should have waited closer to date before I said anything. Something is in the works, I promise.

2. Running shoes. Today I went shopping with my bestie, and came back with some new shoes for running. I love when I leave the house on a mission and it ends up being successful!

I love how comfortable they are!
 3. Car sick. The past few times I have rode in the passenger's seat, I have gotten nauseous....I mean, like to the point of almost saying something like, "please pull now!". I am praying that this is something that passes quickly. I have had some issues with my ears in recent months, so maybe it's something connected with them. Please pray it's just a little spell.

4. Transferring. Starting Monday, I will be working at my old branch. Back in January I relocated to a different office because of some rearranging within the company. As of this past Thursday, a full time position became available, I spoke with management, and by Friday morning it was official that I would be relocating back. Needless to say, I had such a great time meeting new people, and learning new things at the branch I'm leaving, but I am excited to be going back! On Friday I was treated to lunch at Olive Garden...oh how I love that place!
5. Friends. Friday night, I hung out with some of my girlfriends. Technically, it was Book Club, but our discussion only lasted like 10 minutes about the book. We had fun talking about everything under the sun!

Thank goodness for friends like mine...and
for brownies!

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Jenny said...

I hope your car sickness gets better! I love Olive Garden and have been craving it lately!