Monday, March 7, 2011

Not my Day

I started my day out on the wrong foot.



Excruciating cramps

hateful and rude customers....(still)...
 a sick, frustrated hubs with a messed up phone trying to receive my text messages that weren't going through who couldn't find the Bynedryl...

equals one, not feeling so good, agitated wife who was overly hormonal to say the least.

But thankfully, apologies were said...

misunderstandings were made clear...

and my day turned around in a hot second.
Thank you, Lord for these bumps in the road...

because with out them,

days would be a lot less interesting..
And to you, lovey...
for having these in the fridge after a long days work.

  However, you really do suck for
eating the last of my
Samoas. :)

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