Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Love for Bulleted Posts!

  • I love these socks. My sweet momma in law got me several pairs some time ago, and before I even put them on, I knew I would love them. They're that soft, kinda sorta fluffy type material. And in case you noticed, and was wondering...I do have two different ones on. I couldn't find the matching ones, so I just grabbed what was available. :)
  • So I mentioned here about my beloved laptop being on it's last leg. Well my daddy in law had an extra one he wasn't HP Mini Netbook. I'm so thankful, but I do have to admit it's taking some time getting used to. It's half the size of what the normal ones are, and it seems the keys are shifted just a little bit. So when I go to hit the delete button, I actually find myself hitting the zero.

  • My hubs found Lord of the Rings on Netflix and asked if I cared if we watched it tonight. (Don't think he has to ask my permission or anything, but technically it was my turn to pick the movie or show we watched.) Of course being the perfect sweet wife I am, I said, "Sure". Is he in here now? Nope.

  • This weekend I am watching my parent's dog, Tobi. He's a precious Golden Retriever who has lots of energy! I'm planning on taking him on one of my runs to get him some good exercise! Pictures are sure to come.
  • I think I'm done on trying to make sure the space is exactly the same in between each of these bullets.
  • Buck has what we call around here a "baby". He lays with it...he occasionally chews on it, and he will sit there and lick on it (like dogs do when they clean something). It makes us laugh.

Buck with his "baby".

I think I'm gonna go grab me a pack of my
100 calorie Oreos
and watch
some recorded Sister Wives episodes,
since the
hubs apparently isn't into his movie pick.

Yay for Friday being near! :)

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