Monday, March 21, 2011

Miscellany Monday

I seriously look forward to coming home
and doing this on Monday nights...

Oh this make me happy.

1. The Oil.  I know y'all are probably getting tired of me mentioning the oil
but I have to vent somewhere. Read here if you wanna get the scoop on...
(drum roll)
the oil.
So, the Hazardous Waste came to our location (sounds so mysterious, right?)
and it was determined that the damage the jhakjsdhjahsjashdk has done is extremely minor.
This?? Extremely minor? I don't care if it is extremely minor, it's our stuff
that he has messed up, and his "bad housekeeping", yes..that's what was said,
needs to be taken care of.

Seriously, throw your garbage away. Your garbage makes
our neighborhood look bad, let alone our house
look trashy.

What the portion of our yard on the other side of his trash,
looks like. Lovely, huh?

2. Finally framed. When the hubs and I took our cruise last August 
(dang time flies) with his parents, we took home one of the professional
pictures we had done on the ship. They are pretty pricey, but to our defense, his parents
bought ours. Finally, how many months later, I got a frame for it.

The classic Titanic background= cheesy love

3. I <3 Goodwill. I love candles. I think I must have a gazillion
around our house, and even on the hottest of the hottest days, I still burn candles.
Even candles with absolutely zero smell to them.
Anyone else do that?

Anyways. Catch this joker.
Just trust me on the fact that the big, red circle is
around a big little price tag of $1.49


Mrs. Mama said...

what a sweet deal you found! love the picture of you and your hubs!

Anna said...

Love me a good deal!!

The Sometimes Single Mom said...

That is a total score for that candle!!!!!! I can't wait to get back stateside and be able to shop at the good will :D

Pam said...

I LOVE good deals :) although I don't burn candles anymore since my friend became a scentsy consultant...
Thanks for popping in and saying hi!

Lyryn said...

That's awesome! I love Goodwill too! It's so funny because it was so made fun of as I grew up.. but it's awesome!

Amy Stewart said...

Oooh I need to stop by Goodwill. I want some old frames I can spray paint white! Good right?! :)

Newest follower!!!

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Emily P. said...

oh, how I love Good Will!

trooppetrie said...

love candles any time of year, love love love. although for smell i am addicted to scentsy

tricia said...

I am laughing about YOUR comment about laughing about the stupid cat water fountain! I swear, our cat doesn't drink from it and one of these days when the hubs isn't home, I'm taking it back.

Thanks for the blog love - I'm following you now!

a lovely mess. said...'re falling behind my dear. i'm going to elizabeth withdrawels. you need to fix this fast.