Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Happy Shopper

Today was a rainy day in Middle Tennessee....

but did that stop me from shopping?

That would be a big, fat heck no.

I worked till 1, and then met one of my Bff's at the local Goodwill,

which happens to be in the same parking lot my work is at...

and just happens to be the first Saturday of the month.

In the eyes of a Goodwill-aholic, that means the entire store is half priced.

Which is usually a gold mine...a big one.

Unfortunately everything was picked over since we were there so late.

Our next stop was Tuesday Mornings...where I found nothing that I wanted to spend money on...

so we sluggishly scurried over to the Mexican restaurant where I apparently wanted to die later on this evening from heart burn.

My first time ever to get Enchiladas...and the last time ever to eat it there.

I'm still struggling after taking a Prilosec.

When we left our Mexican chow down, we then made a pit stop at Target. Oh how I love thee.
I racked up on two King sized, one Twin sized Feather & Down Alternative comforters and a King sized Duvet cover for $63!!!!!!!

Minus the twin...because I'm currently wrapped up in it. :)

I couldn't believe it with my own two may not be the real deal, but it sure is close to laying on a big, fluffy cloud.

And I love it, and so does the hubs...

And I just... can't... wait... to sleep tonight.


Mrs. Mama said...

damn! that IS a pretty sweet deal!

Heather said...

That is a great deal!