Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Read this first.

I'm feeling frustrated, aggravated, name it, I'm feeling it.

Today when I left for work, I saw him disposing of more motor oil.

You would honestly think it would be like a kid stealing a piece of candy. You know, immediately when caught try and hide it or just drop it.

No. Instead he smiles and waves with one hand while pouring it in the spot we confronted him about.

At that point, I was thinking who cares about giving him time. He's had since December to get the oil picked up, and our fence looking how it did when we put it up.

I decided to take matters in to my own hands and call Nashville's Hazardous Waste department which is apart of the state.

They are coming out within the next few days (may be longer) and take a look at the area, and provide him with a Violation of codes.

He will then have a certain amount of time to get a professional out to his property and get it removed on both his property and ours.

If he doesn't, it will be taken to civil court, and then could be investigated by a Criminal/and or State investigator.

It seriously is ridiculous that something like this has to be taken to such extreme measures.

It's like part of me just wants to end it right here and not worry about it because of that. Court? Seriously? But then I think about Kaci and Buck. They are our family, and if something was to happen to them because of the oil (and heaven forbid antifreeze if he has the careless mind to do that), I'd never get over that.

But what he's doing is illegal, it's hazardous, it's getting in to the water system, and not to mention we have dogs that get out there and do their thing.

Just an idea. Picture from August 2010.
 I'm nervous because I know what this might bring. My hubs stands beside me 100% for making this phone call, but we both know that it could bring some unwanted reactions and consequences.

Please pray that this will go smoothly, and not be a nasty neighbor fight.

What would you have done?


Mrs. C said...

I would personally be too nervous like you. However my husband wouldn't stand for this and would make the phone call. You did what you had to do. Document EVERYTHING if something happens. What a jerk he was to do it in front of you and give you a "ha ha" wave and smile.

Kim said...

Good for you, Doll! Now try to snap a picture of him actually doing it! :)

Laura said...

I don't think you have a choice but to call. You gave him a warning...I would be very nervous though too. Try to get all the documentation that you can. Your poor pups :(

Carrie - LittleLlamas said...

Just saw this post too. Forget your poor pups... if you are on well water you need to stop drinking the water pronto. That is a hazard. I would not let that go one without disputing it. Hope this gets worked out!

Amber said...

I don't understand why someone would even do that in the first place, let alone keep doing it!!! I think you did the right thing. I would be nervous too, but what other choice do you have??? He cannot keep doing this cause someone or some puppy will eventually get sick. I'm sorry y'all are going through this. I hope it doesn't get too nasty! : (

Heather said...

GASP!!! What the crap! That is totall NOT acceptable! What kind of moron does that!? I mean that picture says it all. That is ...just wow! I would be nervous too. I always feel like that with any drama. I pray that it goes well for you. You did the right thing - hands down.
Good luck.

Heather said...

ok. I made that other comment and THEN I read the 'read this first' post. ha! I don't follow directions very well. LOL. Anyway, so first you thought he wasn't doing it on purpose and now you saw him pouring it out right there!!!??? Agian, WHAT THE CRAP?! He's looney. :)

BARBIE said...

I would have called for sure. He left you no choice. I hope things get all worked out quickly and peacefully.

Anna said...

Wow. That's unbelievable. You had to make the call...