Thursday, March 10, 2011

Did You Know....

...that my motive was to come lay in the bed to wind down,
and eventually fall sleep, only to start a blogging away?

...that the hubs and I are watching a precious 8 wk old yellow Lab puppy
on Saturday? Her name is almost as precious as she is.
Lilly is her name.

...that I have some exciting ideas for my artwork 
blossoming in my head as I type..

...that I am saying a silent prayer that tomorrow isn't as long of a day
as today was. So. Slow. at. Work

...that apparently I have spoiled my husband with cooking almost 
every night during the week, because when I skip cooking
two nights in a's a topic of discussion in
our house.
Luckily, he knows where the jelly is.

...this weekend is supposed to be nice with something bright
called the sun, and blue skies.
(picture me jumping on my bed with excitement)

...I should be ending all these sentences with question marks.
I think I'm gonna leave it how it is.

...I'm thankful for YOU and that you took a minute
out of your day to read this silly little post??

and just because she's cute as can be...
and that I'm a crazy dog momma...
I'm gonna leave you with this to look at.

(( I'm loving this effect on Photoscape. It's a filter called 
Noise. Can you tell a difference? It's my new fave.))

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