Sunday, February 6, 2011

With a Light Fixture....

It's crazy how God will provide answers so clear, yet in a way that you look back and say, "that was what I needed! That was the answer!"

I know I have mentioned before in my previous postings how I wanted the hubs and I to start bringing the baby word up in our daily conversations.

Well, it's been happening...and I'm loving it.

We decided that we wanted Mike to be branch manager in his career because well, obviously....the income would be higher and benefits would be better.

Yesterday when we got the new light fixture up and the knobs on the cabinets....I loved how it looked. I could imagine what our kitchen would look like with a new color of paint....and even with new flooring.

And then the ball kept going. It kept rolling on to how nice it would be if our bathrooms were upgraded, and the bedrooms were finished with new furniture.

And then bam, just like that...several minutes ago it hit me.

We can't do all of this to our house if we want a baby. Well, we could, but logically and thinking clearly....making home improvements with a baby would be physically, financially, and emotionally demanding and draining.

I know, I know...I've heard the line, "you're never ready for a baby....". Yes that's true, but with that being said we don't want to pile possible debt upon debt on top of adding baby finances.

I know this home isn't going to be our forever home. But while we're here, we would like to bring it more up to date.

And with that being said...that's where we're at on the baby boat.


Kim said...

Always seems to be something, but when you are truly ready, God will provide :) P.s.- LOVE! the new lighting!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Yes, the lighting looks amazing!

I have to agree with Kim - God will nudge you when the time is right and He will provide - and stretch you and surprise you in ways you never imagined possible.

it will be awesome!