Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What If?

So I'm thinking the whole, entire reason I created this blog was for me to be able to have an outlet for all the world to see and read my inner most thoughts.

And that's basically what I am doing here right now.

I absolutely love the blogging world with my whole heart. I have come across blogs that I actually could see myself being friends with the person behind the writing.

I have come across blogs that has opened my eyes to new thoughts and ways of thinking about things....and I love it.

Out of all the many blogs I stalk read...there's one that I actually feel like I can relate to. The women that post on here are basically spilling their secrets out to get help from others that may be experiencing the same things.

I've mentioned it before but it's the Sisterhood of Secrets. I find my heart breaking for some of these secrets being told, because I know if I was to voice my "secret"...I would find myself extremely blessed and fortunate.

However on another note...reading such things can stir up thoughts, stir up doubts and fears that I never even thought about.

I know that I mentioned it the past that I take medication for what we all call a "chemical imbalance."

Thank the good Lord above, the medicine I am on now makes me feel so at ease. I feel like it was made just for me.

In fact it makes me feel so at ease that I never want to go off of it. I never want to be without it.

With that being said....what do I do if I get pregnant? What if I can't take it?

I find myself longing for that day to come when I take a test and it comes out positive.

I find myself excited about the day that my hubs and I can add a baby Thomas to this world...

But what if I have to give up my medicine?


Elizabeth said...

Thank you, Paige... Your kind words mean so much to me! :)

Katie Jones said...

Hey Chickie!

Thanks for following my lil' ole blog. I saw on your profile that you are in Lebanon, TN. I went to high school there! (FCS).

I am in the same boat as you with medication. When I got pregnant with Ellie, I hadnt been diagnosed with chronic depression yet, so I wasnt on any meds. (And boy, was my life a living hell!)

Now that I'm on medicine for my depression (Pristiq 100mg), I wonder what I need to do when we get pregnant again! I'm terrified to get off my medicine because it literally makes me a better person!

Email me (takeoffwithkatie at gmail dot com) and we can discuss :)