Monday, February 21, 2011

A Weekend in Review....

I have had one of the best weekends ever!

Most of all because it was productive!

And that's something this girl doesn't have a lot of times.

I saw a lot of this....

Behr Paint and Primer in one...I love!!!!

And smelt it too!

Oh, and the light plates we added as well.

Slowly, our kitchen is coming along. 

The paint has even made me love like the flooring so much that I am rethinking us laying down some new stuff in the future. We'll see though.

I would post a picture of what it looks like right now, but I'm still not all the way finished.

Curtains need to be decided and found...along with being hung of course, and some picture frames need to be filled.

However, I will show you a glimpse of what our weather allowed us to do here!

We have kept the windows and back door opened pretty much all day long!
We love it...and the puppies do too!

However, this picture of our back deck reminds me of how much that needs to be an upcoming project this Summer.

I guess it's true when they say there's always something when you're a homeowner.

As of now this is what I see sitting from the kitchen table...

One hubby trying to get sick, I think....and one snoring fur ball....

Even if that happens, life is so, so good.

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Lyryn said...

Yes, it is! What a weekend! :)