Monday, February 28, 2011

My Monday...

....was actually alright today.

Not that I was expecting it to be horrible when I woke up this morning.

I will say however last night's sleep wasn't the greatest for me.

I couldn't get comfortable.

I'm actually thinking our mattress is shot to high heavens.

About 3 years ago we purchased a mattress for our other bed which is in the guest room. My hubs doesn't think it's that comfortable.

I think I am seeing the head of a new mattress peaking it's head around the corner.

We'll see though.

The other day I made a comment on Facebook that seriously was the honest to God truth. (Not that any of my status posts are lies)

I have been working in the banking business close to 9 years now (holy jeepers, that's a while!)...and this past month, I have been cussed and yelled at more than any other time working in this field.


I came across this in our break room today....

How appropriate.
P.s. They're just candies.

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Paige said...

ugh, i know all to well on how you feel about people cussing and screaming at you. I think 911 is the worst place for this to take place. People blame the person on the other end of the counter or phone for everything. It's such a shame! People just need to put their big girl panties on and DEAL with their problems themselves (unless in my case, it's an emergency)