Monday, February 28, 2011

In Search of...

I'm coming to the conclusion that I need to find a really, good woman's doctor.

I'm kind of over just going to a family doctor where I see every nurse practitioner there is.

It's like I want one doctor. One doctor that I will see every...single...time I schedule an appointment.

The family doctor I was going to was great for the specific time of my life that I was in.

I was single, and I occasionally would get sick, and I wasn't well...ya know, sexually active.

Now, that I am married...I am well, of course active, and entering the "thinking about babies" part of life, I want to find a doctor that I can be with before, during and after.

I want to start preparing my body now....even if it's a year or two from now that I get pregnant.

My first step is getting this weight off that I have on me now. I can't imagine adding baby weight on top of this. Ugh.

I have gotten a few names of recommended doctors that are located here in middle Tennessee that a few of my girlfriends like...but of course I haven't started scheduling any appointments just yet.

So before I begin...any tips or suggestions I should look for in finding a good doctor?


Amanda said...

Tennesse Women's Specialist at Summit. I LOVE Dr. Rohonda Halcomb. She's wonderful, know her stuff, and takes her time with you. Heather goes there too! Hope that helps ya!
IF you want a regular PCP, Dr. Wallace in Hermitage is wonderful too. She is very good!

Kim said...

Find someone you are comfy with! I went to a doctor years ago (same place I usually go, but the practitioner was out suddenly, so I saw the real "Dr".... ) girl- I felt like I was raped! It was horrible I just wanted to cry! Feel free to try out lots of them!

Lyryn said...

Yes, you really should. Finding a good lady doctor is important. My suggestion is to find a practice that has all ladies if you have any uneasyness about haveing a male. Because once you are pregnant there is no telling who you will end up having. That's my only advice.

a lovely mess. said...

haaahaaaa! i love how you refer to yourself as "active" now that you are married!!!!!!!!!