Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hey There, February!

While others are getting the 17 inches of cold white stuff...we in Middle Tennessee seem to be getting 17 inches of nasty rain.

Hello February.

So nice of you to bring thunder, huge rain drops, and lots of nasty worms filling in every crevice and crack in my driveway and sidewalk.

I would love to say that my little family of the hubs and I (and two fur babies) have amazing plans set this month....but so far, we have nothing.

I would also love to say that I already have something creative and cool for my hubs on Valentines Day....but so far I have come up with nothing.

And my brain hurts trying to think of something unique.

Tonight I did however redo my blog...if you didn't notice.

Good thing I don't spend a dime on these templates or my honey would be having a conniption on how I change it every day week month.

And while eating a bowl of yummy, soggy (tastes better this way) Fruity Pebbles...I caught the season premier of this show...

Honestly, I really didn't see how interesting a show full of woman after woman in labor would be...but surprisingly....it was.

I'm actually looking forward to watching it next Tuesday....but I'm also a bit skeerddd.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think your blog is so neat. I wish I could do one myself.lol I like how you talk about just anything like I do. lol

Where are you going next Tuesday?

I have missed you. Give me a call sometime soon.