Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Fun Saturday Night

The hubs and I opted out of celebrating Love Day tonight.

To be honest, cramps and feeling bloated doesn't make me want to look desirable for anyone, so loungy and comfy was going to be my definition of a good night.

So instead we hung out with one of our favorite couples, Denise and Brad.

We laughed till we cried, and talked about everything under the sun while eating some delicious Taco Soup.

And while the guys did their thing....

We did ours...

I'm so thankful for friends like ours!

Thanks y'all for such a fun evening!


Gail said...

One of the happiest and most comforting of things in a marriage is your friends. And if you are fortunate enough, blessed enough to find a couple where the guys get along and the ladies get along, and also all FOUR like each other and are friends, you have a real priceless joy.
How wonderful that your 'hubs' is sensitive to how you were feeling and worked around that to create the perfect evening, where everyone is comfortable rather than try to 'force' how the night is going to go.
That's wonderful, Liz.

Paige said...

Nights like that are priceless, minus the cramps and bloating (I feel your pain..ugh)