Wednesday, February 9, 2011

According to my Blackberry...

...this was my drive home.

All 20 minutes hour and a half of it worth sitting at a stand still driving.

And pictures don't lie...or do they?

We closed the bank at 4:30 this afternoon, and I ended up leaving about 10 after 4 to get an early start home.

Since the hubs works less than a mile away from me, he had the bright idea of following me home since my car isn't so great with these kinds of road conditions.

This is obviously without the wipers going.
And like Paige says..."this is not promoting use of cell phones
while driving."

Five till 6, the hubs and I made it home, thankfully.

Seriously, Old Man Winter needs to move himself a long.

1 comment:

Paige said...

Blah...darn this weather!
I hit someone in Bowling Green today! I tried to stop and started trying to far away but it didn't happen. No damage to either cars, no injuries on either part, praise the Lord!
I'm so glad that y'all made it home okay!