Sunday, February 27, 2011

4 x 4

Tonight as I was browsing my lovely, little Google Reader, I noticed a tag game that Kendra was participating in. (I love her blog...check it out!)

I thought it was a fun change of scenery, so I decided to play along.
01. Four Places I Go
- Work
- Charlie Daniels Park
- Goodwill
- Sonic (love their Happy Hour Rt. 44 bevs)

02. Four Favorite Smells
- Burberry Sport perfume
- Dryer Sheets
- My hubs cologne and aftershave
- Clean Cotton Yankee Candle

03. Four Favorite Movies/Shows
- Steel Magnolias
- Save the Last Dance
- Snapped
- Dateline

04. Four Recommendations
- Smile everyday.
- Laugh everyday.
- Cry when you want to.
- Forgive.

This is a game of tag so now I'm tagging...


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