Monday, February 28, 2011

In Search of...

I'm coming to the conclusion that I need to find a really, good woman's doctor.

I'm kind of over just going to a family doctor where I see every nurse practitioner there is.

It's like I want one doctor. One doctor that I will see every...single...time I schedule an appointment.

The family doctor I was going to was great for the specific time of my life that I was in.

I was single, and I occasionally would get sick, and I wasn't well...ya know, sexually active.

Now, that I am married...I am well, of course active, and entering the "thinking about babies" part of life, I want to find a doctor that I can be with before, during and after.

I want to start preparing my body now....even if it's a year or two from now that I get pregnant.

My first step is getting this weight off that I have on me now. I can't imagine adding baby weight on top of this. Ugh.

I have gotten a few names of recommended doctors that are located here in middle Tennessee that a few of my girlfriends like...but of course I haven't started scheduling any appointments just yet.

So before I begin...any tips or suggestions I should look for in finding a good doctor?

My Monday...

....was actually alright today.

Not that I was expecting it to be horrible when I woke up this morning.

I will say however last night's sleep wasn't the greatest for me.

I couldn't get comfortable.

I'm actually thinking our mattress is shot to high heavens.

About 3 years ago we purchased a mattress for our other bed which is in the guest room. My hubs doesn't think it's that comfortable.

I think I am seeing the head of a new mattress peaking it's head around the corner.

We'll see though.

The other day I made a comment on Facebook that seriously was the honest to God truth. (Not that any of my status posts are lies)

I have been working in the banking business close to 9 years now (holy jeepers, that's a while!)...and this past month, I have been cussed and yelled at more than any other time working in this field.


I came across this in our break room today....

How appropriate.
P.s. They're just candies.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

4 x 4

Tonight as I was browsing my lovely, little Google Reader, I noticed a tag game that Kendra was participating in. (I love her blog...check it out!)

I thought it was a fun change of scenery, so I decided to play along.
01. Four Places I Go
- Work
- Charlie Daniels Park
- Goodwill
- Sonic (love their Happy Hour Rt. 44 bevs)

02. Four Favorite Smells
- Burberry Sport perfume
- Dryer Sheets
- My hubs cologne and aftershave
- Clean Cotton Yankee Candle

03. Four Favorite Movies/Shows
- Steel Magnolias
- Save the Last Dance
- Snapped
- Dateline

04. Four Recommendations
- Smile everyday.
- Laugh everyday.
- Cry when you want to.
- Forgive.

This is a game of tag so now I'm tagging...


Thursday, February 24, 2011

According to my Droid (2)

This makes my heart melt.

Yes, it's another dog picture. 

And yes, I am that crazy dog lover of a momma...I can't help it.

This was on the way to the vet Wednesday morning. 

Of course, Kaci is happy as can be looking out the window not having a clue what is about to happen.

 Goodwill never ceases to amaze me, or let me down. 

$5.99 and cute as can be.

I often catch myself daydreaming about the Bahamas during the very, very slow work day.

I pretend that's a Bahama breeze (no, not the drink) blowing in my face.

Oh Gretal, the Grand Am is still pushing on and hit 93K miles this evening.

Oh the experiences we have shared together.

Dinner tonight. 

One word to describe? Delicious.

Chicken Enchiladas with a side of Broccoli. 

Okay, typically I wouldn't pair Broccoli with this...I would add some Mexican rice or something of that nature, but we didn't have any, and we love broccoli! is definitely an understatement.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Recovery's Next

Our Kaci went through surgery this afternoon, and did well.

My hubs and I stopped by the vet to see her on our way home from work.

It breaks my heart to see her like this, but I know once this is all over with, she'll be back to her normal self.

And of course Buck is missing her too!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Precious Moments

I found my very first Bible tonight.

 It's a pale, wrinkly, bent up, used Precious Moments Bible...

...filled with drawings made with high lighters,

and scribblings of chicken scratch writing.

But it's also filled with memories and love.

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Weekend in Review....

I have had one of the best weekends ever!

Most of all because it was productive!

And that's something this girl doesn't have a lot of times.

I saw a lot of this....

Behr Paint and Primer in one...I love!!!!

And smelt it too!

Oh, and the light plates we added as well.

Slowly, our kitchen is coming along. 

The paint has even made me love like the flooring so much that I am rethinking us laying down some new stuff in the future. We'll see though.

I would post a picture of what it looks like right now, but I'm still not all the way finished.

Curtains need to be decided and found...along with being hung of course, and some picture frames need to be filled.

However, I will show you a glimpse of what our weather allowed us to do here!

We have kept the windows and back door opened pretty much all day long!
We love it...and the puppies do too!

However, this picture of our back deck reminds me of how much that needs to be an upcoming project this Summer.

I guess it's true when they say there's always something when you're a homeowner.

As of now this is what I see sitting from the kitchen table...

One hubby trying to get sick, I think....and one snoring fur ball....

Even if that happens, life is so, so good.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

According to my Droid (1)

The hubs and I went to dinner at Cracker Barrel with his folks and little Cameron. I had to get a snapshot of this cutie sitting next to me at dinner.

Buck has gotten in the habit of sleeping under our bed. I woke up at 3 the other morning and realized he wasn't on our bed. I grabbed my phone, used it's flashlight (yes, it has a flashlight), and thought I had to take a quick pic....okay, I seem obsessed.

The hubs and I love this place called Five Guys here in Mt. Juliet. It's amazing!

This is the steal I got at Goodwill this past week. A huge picture frame from Kirkland's for
$4.99!! It's home is going to be above our sofa in the living room!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Birthday Paws

Right after we brought Kaci home

She would go to work with me every day....

Customers loved her....
Pretty girl...
Laying with daddy...
Her first haircut....(not so great)

Happy 2nd Birthday, sweet've 
filled our home with so much hair love!!

Stuck like Glue....

The hubs and I went to dinner tonight.

We got all dressed up, and looked real nice....

and I forgot to take a picture.

So, with make up all off, hair up, and comfy clothes on...

I bring to you our Valentine's Day picture (a day early).

Happy Valentine's Day, my love. I couldn't have asked for a better Valentine than you, babe.

I love you, I love you...I love you.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Fun Saturday Night

The hubs and I opted out of celebrating Love Day tonight.

To be honest, cramps and feeling bloated doesn't make me want to look desirable for anyone, so loungy and comfy was going to be my definition of a good night.

So instead we hung out with one of our favorite couples, Denise and Brad.

We laughed till we cried, and talked about everything under the sun while eating some delicious Taco Soup.

And while the guys did their thing....

We did ours...

I'm so thankful for friends like ours!

Thanks y'all for such a fun evening!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Unflattering Pics.

The other day at Walmart I purchased a cheap (like really cheap) set of rollers.

They aren't sponge, but more like Velcro rollers.

I had a couple of people request pictures, or ask how they worked...and honestly, they are so, so easy, that really is more of a trial and error type thing. You just play with them, and see what works with your hair.

And since the hubs and I treat our home basically like a nudist colony (okay, not really??), I had to grab the closest blanket that was near me.

I really love the body and the loose curl it gives my hair

Walla. That's it.

I laugh every time I look at this picture of me above.
I look like I'm trying to be like a mannequin or do the robot dance.

Now on to thinking how I should have never posted these pics.

 And I don't know why this font is showing up so apologies if it makes you go blind.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

According to my Blackberry...

...this was my drive home.

All 20 minutes hour and a half of it worth sitting at a stand still driving.

And pictures don't lie...or do they?

We closed the bank at 4:30 this afternoon, and I ended up leaving about 10 after 4 to get an early start home.

Since the hubs works less than a mile away from me, he had the bright idea of following me home since my car isn't so great with these kinds of road conditions.

This is obviously without the wipers going.
And like Paige says..."this is not promoting use of cell phones
while driving."

Five till 6, the hubs and I made it home, thankfully.

Seriously, Old Man Winter needs to move himself a long.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My New Hair Must Have...

It's cheap.

It's basic.

It's easy.

I love them.

And I love my hair after it's been with them.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Off the Top of my Head

I have a massive headache that has caused me to curse out loud, take a hot shower, attempt to go to bed early, and snap at my hubs.

The stupid weather caused our Zumba class to get canceled tonight. And to make it even suck was my first time going.

I got around to watching the You tube video of Christina Aguilera butchering the national anthem.

I'm trying to not let Kaci's hip get the best of me. Soon, very soon....she will be getting her surgery done.

Thank you, Lord these IB Profen's are kicking in. Thank you.

Tomorrow we are getting new computers at work. People, this will make our days so much easier. You have no idea.

I heard a new name that I absolutely love...Kennedy Lane. Now that has a nice ring to it. Kennedy Lane Thomas. (for a girl, that is.)

I sometimes think I'm going crazy  the way I go back and forth on the thought of a baby. Just last night, I thought maybe God was sending an answer to what I was asking....and now I'm thinking of baby names. Goodness gracious.

Thank you, Blogger for being here.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

With a Light Fixture....

It's crazy how God will provide answers so clear, yet in a way that you look back and say, "that was what I needed! That was the answer!"

I know I have mentioned before in my previous postings how I wanted the hubs and I to start bringing the baby word up in our daily conversations.

Well, it's been happening...and I'm loving it.

We decided that we wanted Mike to be branch manager in his career because well, obviously....the income would be higher and benefits would be better.

Yesterday when we got the new light fixture up and the knobs on the cabinets....I loved how it looked. I could imagine what our kitchen would look like with a new color of paint....and even with new flooring.

And then the ball kept going. It kept rolling on to how nice it would be if our bathrooms were upgraded, and the bedrooms were finished with new furniture.

And then bam, just like that...several minutes ago it hit me.

We can't do all of this to our house if we want a baby. Well, we could, but logically and thinking clearly....making home improvements with a baby would be physically, financially, and emotionally demanding and draining.

I know, I know...I've heard the line, "you're never ready for a baby....". Yes that's true, but with that being said we don't want to pile possible debt upon debt on top of adding baby finances.

I know this home isn't going to be our forever home. But while we're here, we would like to bring it more up to date.

And with that being said...that's where we're at on the baby boat.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bye Bye Brass

One of the biggest eye sores in our house was the ugly brass fixtures we had in our kitchen.

We knew without a doubt if we could get rid of the brass fixture and the brass knobs on our cabinets, it would turn our kitchen around in a minute.

I love the way it turned out!

Now if only we could tackle the flooring and the paint...

This Weekend??

  • Home Depot : Paint Swatches, Kitchen Light
  • Jimmy Floyd: Run   Park: Walk
  • Buffalo Wild Wings: UFC
  • Super Bowl Sunday

Yes Please!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What If?

So I'm thinking the whole, entire reason I created this blog was for me to be able to have an outlet for all the world to see and read my inner most thoughts.

And that's basically what I am doing here right now.

I absolutely love the blogging world with my whole heart. I have come across blogs that I actually could see myself being friends with the person behind the writing.

I have come across blogs that has opened my eyes to new thoughts and ways of thinking about things....and I love it.

Out of all the many blogs I stalk read...there's one that I actually feel like I can relate to. The women that post on here are basically spilling their secrets out to get help from others that may be experiencing the same things.

I've mentioned it before but it's the Sisterhood of Secrets. I find my heart breaking for some of these secrets being told, because I know if I was to voice my "secret"...I would find myself extremely blessed and fortunate.

However on another note...reading such things can stir up thoughts, stir up doubts and fears that I never even thought about.

I know that I mentioned it the past that I take medication for what we all call a "chemical imbalance."

Thank the good Lord above, the medicine I am on now makes me feel so at ease. I feel like it was made just for me.

In fact it makes me feel so at ease that I never want to go off of it. I never want to be without it.

With that being said....what do I do if I get pregnant? What if I can't take it?

I find myself longing for that day to come when I take a test and it comes out positive.

I find myself excited about the day that my hubs and I can add a baby Thomas to this world...

But what if I have to give up my medicine?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hey There, February!

While others are getting the 17 inches of cold white stuff...we in Middle Tennessee seem to be getting 17 inches of nasty rain.

Hello February.

So nice of you to bring thunder, huge rain drops, and lots of nasty worms filling in every crevice and crack in my driveway and sidewalk.

I would love to say that my little family of the hubs and I (and two fur babies) have amazing plans set this month....but so far, we have nothing.

I would also love to say that I already have something creative and cool for my hubs on Valentines Day....but so far I have come up with nothing.

And my brain hurts trying to think of something unique.

Tonight I did however redo my blog...if you didn't notice.

Good thing I don't spend a dime on these templates or my honey would be having a conniption on how I change it every day week month.

And while eating a bowl of yummy, soggy (tastes better this way) Fruity Pebbles...I caught the season premier of this show...

Honestly, I really didn't see how interesting a show full of woman after woman in labor would be...but was.

I'm actually looking forward to watching it next Tuesday....but I'm also a bit skeerddd.