Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday


1. My new medication.

Hello, Cymbalta. I should have met you a long time ago. I love you.

2. My new branch.  I mentioned before that I would be transferring to a new location with my work. I transferred this past Monday, and I am loving it so far. My co-workers are so very sweet, and not to mention...I get to have lunch with my hubs. I love it!

3. Exciting news! My sister, Amber mentioned today in her blog they have started the adoption process. I am so excited for her and her family. We know God is in control, and when it's time, it will happen!

4. Bible Study. Tonight I went to my first Women Bible Study of the year. I went with a friend which was great because we are going through this together. The study is called, "The Excellent Wife". I know I will be able to use this tool in my marriage, and that excites me!


Paige said...

Aw, I'm so happy that your new branch is wonderful! Yay for getting to have lunch with your hubs as well! Not to mention, what wonderful news it is for your sister adopting! You are just full of great news Elizabeth =)

Lyryn said...

SO exciting about the bible study!!! Yay, so much to be excited for!!!