Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Epic Fail

I suffered a case of huge epic fail this morning.

This is the second time in the past two months I have done this same exact thing, which makes it an even bigger epic fail.

I rubbed and kissed the puppies goodbye, grabbed my purse, made sure the front door was locked behind me, and made a mad dash to my car since it was freezing outside.

Only to realize my keys which contains my house key and car keys were inside the house....locked up, with me outside.

Freezing to death in only my cute patterned dress and black leggings (why take a jacket? I'm only outside for a matter of 1.5 minutes total), I texted my hubs as my fingers felt as if they were going to fall off from frost bite. (Okay, that's a little bit dramatized, but oh well.)

A happy ending to a cold situation came along because of my manager who was able to come pick me up. I would have been in some deep shiznit if I hadn't been able to make it to work.

Needless to say, a spare key will be made.

And I just wanna say to everyone out there who reads my blog....

Cuticles hurt!!!!

My poor thumb!!!


Kim said...

Poor thing!

The Forrest Family said...

I dont have a sare key either. And I am waiting for the day I leave my keys AND phone inside the house. I sure hope we have nice neighbors! hahahaha.