Saturday, January 15, 2011

Book Review and Layout Love

I. love. this. new. layout!!

I have been looking for something fresh and new for the longest time, and to be quite honest, I just found out how to unzip or extract zipped files on the computer, which is what a lot of blog designers put their templates in.

Tonight I got lucky, and figured out it's just by a click of a button. 

Last night, I had our book club meet at my house.

It took everything I had to finish the read I picked for this month. You would think that I would have enjoyed the book since I picked it. 

This book takes you back between the times of 1904 and 1984 through a woman's eyes named Jewell. Throughout the entire read you are constantly shot back and forth from her childhood to her life as a wife and mother. Living in the backwoods of Mississippi, she seemed content, until her sixth child, Brenda Kay is born with Down Syndrome. (No joke, back in the 1940's, doctor's had no shame in declaring your child as a "Mongolian Idiot".) Suddenly, Jewell is thrown in to a world of making sure her daughter's needs are met no matter what comes her way. Seeking the best for her youngest daughter, she uproots her family to California to seek help from a special school.

It was definitely a long, drawn out book. If it would have been condensed down, I would have been more likely to finish it.

My favorite part however was what this book brought to discussion.

I wish I would have gotten more pictures.

And since there has been a lot of this here lately....

and this....

....I thought nothing sounded better than beef stew in the crock pot with some biscuits on the side.

After dinner we got to celebrate birthdays for Rebecca and Rachel, and upon request we had brownies for dessert.

Now, just to figure out why they turned out crunchy.......


Rebecca said...

Thanks for the brownies! They tasted good!

Paige said...

That book looks amazing!I really need to get back into the habit of reading again.
Love your new layout!

Lyryn said...

I love the layout! You must teach me the trick!!