Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We Need a Little Shutterfly Christmas.....

I'm so excited about Shutterfly's big promotion that I just had to get involved in!!

Every year about this time I go through a debate with myself on whether or not I want to send out Christmas cards.

Why I stress myself out on such things, I have no idea...but I do.

When I started browsing Shutterfly's huge Christmas card selection, it actually made it very easy to pick and choose from because all of them were just so lovely!

Here are some of my own personal favorites!

Now...instead of standing for hours a bit at Wal Mart, or Kroger...I can order straight from the comfort of my own couch only to deal with one person and that's my annoying sweet hubs. Wink.

And before I forget, not only do they have Christmas cards, but they have calendars, baby announcements, and even personalized mugs!

So while you're sitting here reading my interesting, witty post about Shutterfly...head on over to the beloved Shutterfly and take a look! And to make it really simple...just click here!

You'll become addicted!!

1 comment:

Kim said...

I thought about ordering some from, but thought I'd save it until I have kids.. but then I figured that day will never come, so I put my dogs on it :) I still didn't order them :)