Monday, December 13, 2010

Twenty Eight for Twenty Eight Years

I'm not gonna lie and say that I won't get teary eyed while writing this post.

I've been so emotional lately that even myself is getting tired of it.

There's no other man person in this world that could come close to making me feel the way I do like he does.

And I guess that's one of the trillion reasons I married this fella.

  • You put your heart and soul in to everything you love and are passionate about.
  • You work hard to give me the things I want and need...even if you think I shouldn't have it.
  • You calm me down when my world gets crazy.
  • You handle my way of keeping a house clean, and my way of "putting up clothes."
  • You love me in a way that no one else could ever.
  • You are going to be the best daddy....(when that does happen. wink.)
  • You love your momma like any son should.
  • You handle situations right then and there no matter what time of the day it is...which is total opposite of me.
  • You have a heart the size of Texas and will do anything for anyone.
  • You support me and my Bloggaholic ways along with everything else I do.
  • You back me up on anything.
  • You gave me my Kaci that I had begged for for so long and then some! I love my Buck too!
  • You're honest even when it's hard to be.
  • You motivate me.
  • You treat your friends like family.
  • You make me laugh every day.
  • You're willing to fight with me....and you fight the right way. 
  • You're willing to eat anything I cook or attempt to cook!
  • You're a big kid at heart.
  • You appreciate the fact that I try to be the best wife I can.
  • You try to be the best husband and that's all I could ever ask for.
  • You love me even when I'm not worth liking.
  • You're dependable.
  • You help me like therapy would, even though you don't charge for it. :)
  • You know everything about me, in and out...and all my secrets, and you never tell.
  • You aren't afraid to speak your mind, and I find that so inspiring.
  • You call me when you're out somewhere just to see how I'm doing.
  • You spend time with me when there's plenty of other things you could do.
Happy TWENTY EIGHTH Birthday, Babe!

I love you to the moon and back, and all the way around the sun!


Anonymous said...

So Sorry That last comment was by me, Denise Ols!

Anonymous said...

This is really sweet liz.. You are both lucky to have the other one. HAPPY B-DAY MIKE!