Sunday, December 12, 2010


Today must be made for the hubs and I to be at each others throats....and I hate it.

Maybe it's the hubs clock getting antsy and angry he's turning twenty eight tomorrow.

Who knows.

But I guess with the good times come the not so good times. Our day hasn't been fighting, and just been little arguments that go on in 10 minute intervals.

If it's not the puppies, it's the t.v. and if it's not the t.v. then it's the deer sausage. (Yes, I said deer sausage. It's actually better than deer meat, but either way, I prefer none.)

And see, it's stupid stuff. I swear. I don't know what's worse....arguing about stupid stuff or arguing about more serious stuff like money, etc. etc.

And to top it off....these two puppies did some dirt digging in the back yard over the weekend.

I'm guessing they had a pretty fun time. At least some of us had better days.

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Kim said...

Your puppies are just to freakin' cute!! We all have days like you've had... just kiss good night and be nice in the morning :o)