Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pity Party

( I'm noticing a trend here. All of my post titles have started with the letter P. )

I'm gonna stand on my soap box for just a few moments while writing this post, and when I get done I'm sure I will get off of it.

I'm having a pity party this morning for the sake of Christmas cards in the Thomas household.

Why must my husband men be so difficult?

I participated in the 50 free Christmas cards from Shutterfly that I mentioned some posts back. The hubs saw how excited I was and what a great deal it was in my opinion.

The deadline is getting closer and closer, and of course my sweet hubs is not wanting to cooperate and make his wife happy today.

The reason he's giving? Because it's his birthday tomorrow


I swear, you'd think the man would realize that his wife is always right, and when she wants something...she wants it!! (Okay...the always right part...that's not so true, but still.)

Friends and family...when ya get our Christmas card in the prepared. It might have a picture of a fake family on it that we'll just say is us.

Oh and Lovey (since I know you read my blog) better be happy I love you and it's your birthday, tomorrow! :)

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