Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oh Sandra....

....how I love you...and your style.

Besides your amazing talent of an actress, you have a fashion style unlike any other.

And I finally realized this while browsing through my favorite website People tonight.

I would love to borrow these adorable gray knee high boots for New Year's weekend...

And for a hot date with the hubs... this dress will do. (only if I were the size you are, sigh)

You know seriously, only you could make a Charlie Brown t-shirt and some worn out ripped jeans look incredibly stylish for a day at the park.

And I love this thin, black top.

all pics via

What can I say, Sandra? I may not have a place in mind to wear all your clothes...but I'm sure I can find one.

Your biggest fan.


Kim said...

I always loved her hair, but can never seem to get it right.

Paige said...

I agree, she is quite the stunning woman! One of the wonderful celebs that people can actually admire =) Love her and her style!