Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Plucker

I think I have mentioned before that I find getting my brows plucked absolutely relaxing.

When I make my appointment with my lady at the salon to do my brows, I secretly pray that it can last just 5 more minutes.

If I was laying on a cloud with someone who had a pair of tweezers, I'd be in a place close to Heaven.

Considering I hadn't seen my lady in quite some time...I decided to pass the job on to someone who is very hubs.

It took quite some time to talk him in to the job, but once he accepted...there was no waiting.

In case you're wondering those are tweezers and not scissors in the pic.

Thank you, Lovey for the job well done on my brows. Now I don't look like I have two caterpillars stuck to my forehead.

1 comment:

Robin said...

that's brave of you! def. wouldn't let DH do mine. despite being a nurse and probably skilled at doing small (uncleanish) things like that I'd be scared he'd make them look uneven and wonky with too much plucked!