Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday and 200th Post

I just want to ask....where did you go, weekend??

The Christmas holiday is my favorite holiday in the year. I love everything about it. The lights, the family time, the gift giving and receiving...and the whole reason for the season. Jesus' birthday.

However, it's always so busy.

The hubs and I were on the go non-stop pretty much all weekend, so needless to say, I'm looking forward to bringing in the New Year low key.

All day today I thought about my kitchen and how I needed wanted to get home and clean it.

It was beyond disgusting. Okay, it could have been worse, but in my eyes it was horrid.

Needless to say, when I got home I cleaned it up.

I have spent the majority of the evening looking through websites with paint colors, themes, and light fixtures for our kitchen.

This April will be one year since I painted our kitchen a beautiful green. Well, I think it was pretty along with everyone else except the hubs.

I have however have grown tired of it.

For Christmas, Christie and Tina gave us a pretty nice size gift card to Home Depot to update our kitchen light. For some strange reason, when we bought the house every other light fixture was updated except the ugly eye sore of a brass fixture over our kitchen table. I'm excited to get it replaced.

Next will be the kitchen knobs/hinges.

Something else we were blessed with was a new Flip MinoHD Video camera.


I love this thing so far, and I'm so excited to put it to good use! I started to post my first video on here, but when I tried it out, I thought I looked too horrible it being the first time. Maybe tomorrow. :)

I meant to mention this sooner, but I did not send out any Christmas cards. Yup, even after all the hype from the Shutterfly post, I didn't get around to it. I know, I'm bad. Maybe next year.

However, thank you to all that thought to send us precious Christmas cards. We loved receiving them!

Friday evening was my very first time in a very long time using heat rollers. I loved them...and the curl held for a couple days. It will definitely not be my last time.

Speaking of hair, I'm leaning on going back blond. My hair needs to be done, but color I haven't decided on.

Oh yay...guess who decided to come change the channel. Oh well, since I love sitting next to the man enough.. I think I can handle it.

Ps. Happy 200th posting to me! :)


Kim said...

Happy Posting! I love the dark hair, but the blonde seems to be more "you". I guess because I met you as a blonde!!

Paige said...

I have been thinking about getting one of these camera's so thank you for posting about it!