Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lookin' kind of Oily

I'm actually shocked at myself for not blogging about this before...or at least I don't think I ever have.

Thursday night I came home and let the puppies out as I normally do when I get home from work.

Walking around in the back yard, I noticed more oil on our fence....our new fence.

I didn't want to post pictures so instead I drew it.

We've had a problem with our neighbor (we have one great neighbor couple who we love and then the other who is, well one of the one's that are in every neighborhood).

Way back in August, right before we left for our cruise, we found a huge spot of motor oil on our side of our fence and all in our yard, and I mean huge.

Come to find out, it's where our neighbor guy is changing out his oil in his over sized diesel truck and in his big green tractor. Why store it outside by your neighbor's property line? You have a garage and a shed.

My biggest concern through this whole thing was it being hazardous and poisonous to our puppies...and not to mention if he's throwing anti-freeze out there.

So, finally the hubs got fed up with it, and called a dispatcher out to the house Thursday night. He pretty much gave us options since as of right now it's considered a Civil dispute.

From the looks of it, our neighbor isn't purposely throwing oil in our's just where the rain is probably tipping the bowls and barrels over and it's washing the oil over in to our yard.

My hubs called him after the officer left, and we have given him 1 week to get this cleaned up. He has said that if he has to dig up some of the dirt he will, so we will see.

Our next option, if this doesn't get cleaned up by him, is to call a Chemical place where they come out here to the house, clean it up, test the chemicals, test the water...and from what we learned from the officer, it's a pretty pricey fine...that the neighbor will be fined because it is against codes what is happening. And when I say test the water, they test water up to a 10 mile radius including well water...and anything you can possibly think of.

Like I said, we'll see what happens.

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Kim said...

Good luck with it all! And I thought I had bad neighbors because they put up Christmas inflatables in their yard. (I hate those things!)