Thursday, December 9, 2010

I Hate When My Cracker Breaks....

I think I mentioned in a previous post about how I have become addicted to peanut butter slapped happy on a saltine cracker.

It has become my snack in the evening when I need something to eat because I like food salty.

I however, hate when my cracker breaks at the point of peanut butter touchdown. It drives me insane. Maybe I am losing it considering I am complaining about my cracker breaking....but I had to vent.

This afternoon when driving home from work for lunch (to eat my crackers)....I started singing my favorite Church hymns.

Hymns I haven't heard in years....Hymns that you would have thought I had forgotten the words to...hymns that I sung as a child.

Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine, oh what a foretaste of Glory divine! Heir of salvation, purchase of God, born of his Spirit, washed in his blood....

That hymn is one of my many favorites.

It just makes me think if God plants these words in my head and in my heart for a reason. The reason that when we stray away from church (I haven't been in quite some time), that we still have a sense of direction left to Him.

I guess you can call that my food for thought.

Goodness gracious, can ya tell I'm hungry??!

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Holly Bierly Young said...

This is my story! This is my song! Praising my savior...all the day long! :) I went to a Christian college, and my friends and I used to have "sinspiration" in the car when we would get stressed out....we'd pile in the car and hymns at the tops of our lungs...haha.

Oh yea, and Holy cow do I love it.

Found you on 20sb! Really liking your blog!