Monday, December 6, 2010

Gee Thanks Babe

Apparently my hubby gets a kick out of how serious I am about my blog.

I really do enjoy writing about random nothings that look like I am an interesting person.

And it's not just writing on my blog that I love...I love peeking in to the lives of other bloggers and seeing what they're all about. Fascinating life I lead, 'eh?

However, for some crazy reason I find myself focusing on this small little number. Why, I don't know...because like I said, I blog because I enjoy it. I blog for me.

The hubs just came in here about five minutes ago, laid down on the bed with me and asked what I was doing.

Heck, this is how the conversation flowed....

I wanna say I was reading a blog that seriously had like 987 followers. What the heck...what is the secret?

Me: Honey, do you think I will ever get to this number? (pointing at the 987 followers this gal had)

Hubs: No...

Me: Ugh, why? Do you not think I am worthy? ((Worthy? What the crap, Liz..what kind of word is that to use in reference to blog followers?))

Hubs: They probably have people stalking them with camera's and stuff....


Needless to say, I made the boy laugh.