Thursday, November 11, 2010

Without Definite Aim, Reason, or Pattern

1. One of the best things about the Hubs and I both working at Banks is all the same Holidays we get off together. Today we had a wonderful day together running errands, eating lunch at Red Robin, and doing some shopping together. It's funny how in a marriage you can have days moments where you wanna pull each others hair out, and then other times when you can't get enough of 'em.

2. The hubs had his second appointment with the Chiropractor. So far, we have been very pleased with the Doctor and staff. They have called to check on the hubs after each visit, and they are just so nice. The prognosis so far is the hub's spine is crooked, and with that it is causing pain because it is causing the muscles to have spasms. There's more to it but that's pretty much it in a nutshell.

3. I finally got a new camera!! I am so excited about it. After the hubs getting a haircut, running to Publix, going to the Chiropractor and grabbing lunch, we went to Best Buy. Browsing the selection, I had my picks narrowed down to two....the Sony-Cyber Shot 14.1 Mega pixel or the Canon-Power Shot SX130 IS 12.0 Mega pixel (and if you are on my Face book...I said Nikon, but I meant Canon!). I originally thought I would go with the Canon, but I thought once I was actually using it, I'd wish it was sleeker and smaller, and not to mention the Sony had more mega pixels. I know many will say, "You should have just waited till Black Friday and got one a lot cheaper." True...but we are heading to Memphis tomorrow, and I wanted a camera to actually take descent pictures, and Lord knows the hubs won't be fighting that mess on Black Friday, and I have to work, so no such luck there.

3. Besides the new camera, the hubs got the new Droid Incredible. He had been eying this phone for the longest I can remember, and with an early upgrade at Verizon there really was no point in waiting. He loves it so far, and I do too!

4. Tomorrow is Friday, and I know we will be paying for it since we had a Holiday today. Banks were closed, so I'm sure we will be super busy!

5. While at Verizon this afternoon, the hubs and I stood next to a lady with a baby girl in a Baby Bjorn baby carrier. As we stood there getting the phone ready for the hubs, I had the strongest sense of desire come over me of how I wished that was me. That we were a family of 3 (puppies not counted this time) out and about. I know when the time comes to think about adding a Baby Thomas to our home it will happen, but until then....I'll just leave it with that.

6. I am almost convinced that I want to give up Beef, Pork and Chicken. There is not a day that goes by that I think of what all goes in to the process of that chicken being on your plate, or that Beef cooking in your skillet, and not to mention that slice of bacon. Only time will tell what I end up doing...until then, I guess I will fight the thoughts of the slaughter house...and Chicken injections. (Barrrrffff)

7. We got my movie pick, "Brothers" in the mail yesterday. I think the hubs and I are gonna watch it before heading to bed!

.....And one for yesterday since I forgot and one for today....

I'm thankful for the men and women who have served and who are currently fighting for our freedom. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be sitting here typing a way.

And for yesterday, I am going to give thanks to my sweet Mother in Law, Kathy...for bringing me cough medicine. It gave my lungs relief and still is! Thank you!!

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