Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weekend Recap

Our weekend was fun but a busy one!

The hubs and I headed to Christie and Tina's house as soon as I got off work on Saturday.

The festivity was what we call The Turkey Bowl and Bonfire...the first year to a brand new tradition.

Nashville's weather was low 50's during the day, with 30's at sunset.....perfect weather for some flag football and bonfire.

As you can see the hubs was the fire master with the bonfire. He did a great job starting it and keeping it going...and even did a better job fixing me smores all evening..(hey I only had 2!)

We had a marvelous time, and enjoyed seeing what Christie and Tina had done to their newly renovated home. It looks amazing!

As of today, I woke up late (yes, I needed my sleep), and tackled the cleaning of the house with the hub's help.

I still don't know how two people can make such a mess...but in my defense, I will say it was because the hubby was home on vacation all week. Wink.

I did get our Christmas decor out...and we I decided on what was gonna be our Christmas tree this year.

Okay, so it's not your typical Christmas tree...and it doesn't have any ornaments on it either (just yet). But it's definitely using what we have, and saving money. I love the way it looks with white lights on it so much, that I'm gonna leave them on there year round. I think it looks nice, especially when every other lights turned off.

Now I need to go read some more of my book for Book Club I'm hosting at my house this Friday night. I picked Jewell by Bret Lott. I will definitely be doing a Recap on this one. It has been by far the deepest read I have read so far. I should have known since it was in Oprah's Book Club.

Hope everyone has a great Monday...the hubs has to go back to work tomorrow! Ha!

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