Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday's Thoughts

I had a post in mind for tonight that actually had some pictures of the hubs and I in the present time (like as in tonight)...but the hubs decided he was "pictured out". Turd.

Today I was really tired. Maybe it's the weather. Maybe it's because I'm not sleeping good at night. Or maybe I'm just a tired person, and my body always needs rest. Who knows.

A bunch of ladies I know just found out they are pregnant, have been pregnant, or are having babies. It's so crazy how life is. Many of these ladies I went to Middle school and High school with or better yet, grew up with and have kept in contact with one another through the infamous Face Book.

I am officially getting gray hairs...and I hate it. I'd like to think it's where my hair is lighter underneath this dark color I have going on, but I dunno...I think it's just me getting older.

I am still wondering where our Christmas tree is going to go this year. I'll have something figured out because I cannot go with out having a tree up. I love this Holiday too much.

Speaking of Christmas trees, I'm thinking a pencil tree would work out great. Mom, where'd you get yours again??

Tomorrow is my short day at work, and I am ever so thankful for it. It gives me time to clean the house during the day before the hubs gets home from work. So basically I'm not spending my entire evening cleaning when I'd much rather spend it being lazy with him.

I was going to fix some White Chicken Chili and some cornbread for tonight's dinner but opted for cereal a quicker meal instead. I'm saving the chili for tomorrow night.

Hope everyone has a wonderful evening!!


Kim said...

pfft. I started getting gray hair months ago!! I just blame it on the lighting in the bathroom :o)

Tami W said...

Liz, I get mine at Hobby Lobby..I don't have but, one now. (I think) Have a good day tomorrow. Love you

Paige said...

haha, I agree with Kim blame the gray hair on the lights, or your hubs?! We have to move furniture every year to make room.