Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Tuesday Night's Date

  Tonight the hubs and I went out on a date.

  This date was unlike anything we had ever done before....and I loved it. It was nothing fancy, or anything like that, it was just fun.

 It was the kind of date where you laugh, you smile...and everything goes right.

It involved two places...Wal Mart and Arby's where we bought a couple Jr. Roast Beef sandwiches. Nothing in this world could have tasted better.

I made the hubs take me to Wal Mart to check out some of the few options we had for a Christmas tree.

I wanted nothing fancy, or expensive...just something to have that lit up. I love Christmas, and I love Christmas lights. The more the better.

The hubs let me pick out what I wanted, so I did. I picked an $18 3' table tree that I really didn't like, and a bright red Christmas stocking for Buck.

When we got to the hardware section I realized I really didn't want the darn table tree. I didn't feel like buying a tree just to have a tree.

The hubs once again laughed at me for once begging him to let me buy a tree, only in turn to not want one.

Leave it to Liz as I say.

Instead I think I'm gonna decorate our dear Lola, and make her festive and pretty. In case you're wondering who and what Lola is...she's a plant, a very tall looking plant that I brought home from work to give a little tender lovin' care. 

I'm gonna try and be economically creative this year instead of buying just to buy. Besides I got plenty of Christmas decor to go around.

I'll post pics soon!


Paige said...

Great idea! I wish I could be economical during Christmas, but I truly think that is impossible with a child. Toys galore! Do you go black Friday shopping? We always come down there to the outlet mall starting out. Last year it was a mess, so I'm not sure we will hit it up. We always do meet some very interesting people there though!

Tami W said...

Dad said put your tree in your office.

Kim said...

My grannie used to light up her ficus tree :)

Kim said...

my Grannie used to light up her ficus.