Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Find Myself Laughing...

The hubs recently bought himself the new Call of Duty: Black Ops game. He's a huge fan, and loves playing it live with some of his buddies.

A lot of wives hate when their hubs play because they play it for hours on end.

Luckily, mine doesn't. But when he does, I can't help but laugh to myself some of the things he says.

I have started taking note.

Headset and all. Poor Kaci's wondering what in the world.....

  • "I find it real funny how every time I turn around there's someone magically behind me."
  • "I shoot you, you shoot me, I die. Hmm."
  • "Oh magic....out of no where....oh magic again...Oh how I love magic."
  •  "Oh-h-h-h-h.....he he he he."
  • "And of course mine doesn't blow up..." 
  • "Oh, I guess that guy can shoot through walls too...amazing."
Oh the men and their toys....

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    Amber said...

    Haha!!!! That is hilarious!!! Love it!