Thursday, November 18, 2010

'Round Here

This afternoon as I walked the aisles of Kroger....I experienced an awkward moment.

It was the moment where I was thought to be someone else.

Instead of possibly causing embarrassment to the young man, I acted as if I was "Courtney", and he saw my mom, "Ginger" at the CD shop.

When the young man told me this, I know I had a look of confusion on my face, but all I could say was, "Oh you did....? Well, have a good rest of the day." What the heck?

I laugh looking back at the experience, but then again...nothing surprises me in the grocery store anymore.

When I got home...I cleaned with this new cleaning spray that makes me happy. Yea, you know you're an adult when a lemon scent disinfectant makes you smile.

And then, once the hubby got home...I got lucky.

This hot hunk cooked me dinner. The proof is in the picture. You know you're in love when you think a picture like this looks hot.

I love this man. Period.

And you ask what we had? Sloppy Joe's. Slap a piece of Velveeta Sliced Cheese on it, and it's pretty darn good. Oh and side note: We tried Sara Lee's Golden Potato Buns...and they are de-licious!

Now as I sit here watching the hubs play Black Ops in his big pink chair...I get to deal with these faces...

I truly love my life and my little family.

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Paige said...

Ah, I hate awkward moments like that. But awkward moments seem to happen to me ALL of the time. Just like I went on date after Mark and I broke up, as soon as we walk into to eat, guess who I run into. Yes, mark. Lovely? No. haha. I thought about blogging about that situation but my luck he still reads on occasion to keep up with Charli.

Yay for your Hubs making supper! I love sloppy joe's! Your pups are soo pretty by the way!